Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Memo, Ree

In moments just passed
a span, mere days
I've found my
spirits lift whenever
I discover another
message personal
your private name
a welcomed sight

From initial greeting
to feelings profound
with expectant haste your
thoughts, in greed, made mine
You proffer tales that
lace upon one another
nurturing a foundation
of friendship to flourish

With histories
guarded, yet
divulged during
camaraderie, a
building of rapport
begins to occur
melding two confidantes
twinning in trust

With avid eyes
I roam your soul
and feast upon
intimacies told
their sharing
an act of succor
allaying a hunger
once abysmal

Anticipation floods
a landscape bare, and
I am cast adrift, within
a whirling tide of hope
wondering if worlds
now unknown to me
awaiting exploration
could someday open

From my vantage
you're nothing more
than pixels pretty
upon a cyber screen
lacking substance aside
from imagination fired
into flight by fantasy

I've never beheld your
visage real, an image
framed in blonde,
yet I sense your touch
across distance vast; you
wield a talent for warming
with wit, the heat amidst
the humor of your words

I've yet to trace your
gentle swells, the curves
of flesh with eager hand
desiring to discover
places now held secret
filled with hidden delight
how is it then, that I've begun
to hold you in my heart?

Sunday, December 20, 2009


As we grow older the ticking is louder
The biological clock won't turn back
As the bodies we once were so proud of
Weaken, slow, and grow slack

With aches and pains we awaken
Our parts don't work quite as well
As we age youth is often forsaken
And our hearts need to rest for a spell

It's harder to see without glasses
And many will need hearing aids
We move just as slow as molasses
Our reactions are often delayed

Some seek cosmetic solutions to stave
Off the ravages of crow's feet on skin
But though surfaces like roads can be repaved
It leaves wrinkles without still within

As thoroughbreds we once raced from these gates
Now to maintain that pace we're unable
Like an old war horse who has faltered in gait
And so haltered can scarce leave the stable

Surrounded by elderly tissue
We are prisoned within our cells
And it's sad that God can't reissue
New bodies in which we could dwell

For like actors in Greek tragedies
The Director has scripts we must follow
And His stages invoke irony
As no retakes does He ever allow

So just one thing if you could remember
There is still youth inside most elderly
In Winter there is beauty in December
But myopic most just cannot see

Private Room

I'd scoffed when others had told me
tales of lives entwined once met
but now I believe affinity exists
to be found somewhere on the Net

I'm amazed at how swift friendship burgeons
in the absence of physical form
but in Fantasy's total immersion
you can imagine soft flesh that is warm

You don't have to view imperfections
nor witness social blunders
no warts or scars cause for rejection
a hazy conception is wondrous

You can share secrets you'd never tell others
in heartspeak of colored fonts
become best friends, even clandestine lovers
anonymous confidantes

I had Infoseeked through all of the chat rooms
tried Alta Vista, Excite, Yahoo too
but only when I eventually stopped searching
did I finally discover what's true

Given a chance to encounter
the true colors of someone within
no preconceptions abound here
for beauty is deeper than skin

And if you're looking for genuine affection
be yourself what you're looking to find
and when angels locate your connection
you'll develop a love that is blind

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Happiness So Fleet

The thought of seeing her again
brought a smile to my morning
daydreams like endorphins
coursing through my brain
I eagerly anticipated
seeing her once again

I stopped in to see if she was there
and was gratified to find
my fervent wishes granted
I proposed to rendesvous later
a tete a tete more relished
than the repast upon which I would dine

Impatiently I conducted errands
that were meant mostly
to kill the time betwixt
there was nothing I wanted more
than to be with her once again
if only to see her face and hear her voice

I finally came back to her premises
the restaurant where she toils
and as I approached
I was alerted by the vibrations
of a hipborne pager
replete with portent

I dialed the number
no recognition on my part
only to laugh with the realization
that the call emanated
from the very establishment
that was my destination

"I have to leave," she blurted out
"we can't meet today."
she couldn't know
that dismay was my response
I covered my confusion
while concluding the call

I entered to be greeted by her twin
a likeness stunning in her own beauty
unerringly identifiable
as genetically related
it was indeed her sibling and she beckoned
her sister to draw near

She came then to my side
a question in her glance
hesitancy evident in her halting manner
with concern she scanned the room
whispering, hurriedly
"I can't let him see me talking to you."

"Are you off tomorrow?" she asked
implying that she could see me then
I was heartened by her remark
taking some small solace from it
but my reply
was regrettably negative

"I need to know," I parried,
"is my behavior intrusive or disturbing?"
Her eyes fastened upon mine, unfaltering
"You're not bothering me,
I've just been busy," she answered
"There's a lot going on that I'll tell you about someday"

"I just needed to know
how to interpret your silence" I stated
in search of a reassuring reply
"Don't take my silence the wrong way,"
she murmured, mimicking the gesture
"I'll call," as I departed that day

Of such moments are my happiness made
brief encounters that for now must suffice
to satisy the desire that burns within
I only want to know her, to discover if
she really is as incredible as my reveries
and if so, to learn... can we find love as friends?

A Return To Love

I came to Dorothy once again at midday
hoping to find welcome in her eyes
knowing at some level the futility of pursuit
yet unable to resist her compelling appeal

There was within me need, an indefinable disquiet
that only her presence seemed to soothe
the touch of her fingertips upon my wrist, a salve
her supernal smile my balm

A visit recurrent this return of mine
was a plan to dine on all manner of succulence
the joy of Sac's affording culinary delights
though none so delectable as she

Once before I had come to her in this fashion
ushered to a cozy nook to await a menu
though I had already ascertained in advance
which form of sustenance would best appease me

She'd asked me then to wait, she'd be with me soon
and I'd studied from afar her bustling form
knowing after a brief but keen appraisal
"God's gift" was perfectly apropos as her name

Scampering about, her day a surfeit of intent
hurry was the password of her employ
as she hustled throughout her dining domain
serving both food and the pleasure of her mien

My patience was rewarded when in time she returned
to the comforting lee of our warm conversation
a chaotic ship awry in tempest
she strove for safe harbor in the shelter of my spirit

I don't recall all that passed between us then
certainly it surpassed mere words
a subtext of meanings evinced through caress
thus was effect imparted to both senses and heart

An Intimacy Among Friends (mature*)

If I could enjoy one night of passion
to indulge my fantasies undercover
I would instruct you in Midnight's surrender
and til Dawn I would be your lover

I would start with a blanket of roses
petals sprinkled to cradle your head
the scent of these flowers to mingle
with the musk of our bodies in bed

I would unwrap you like you were my present
biting the buttons away from your dress
I would rip the fabric of your panties
with my teeth I would bare your chest

I would lead you in hand to the bathtub
bubbles brimmed iridescent in soft candlelight
I would give you a hot foamy backrub
your own inner fires to ignite

I would lift you to stand wet and glistening
and would lick beads of liquid from your skin
I would blow dry your nipples by whistling
harmonizing to your moistness within

I would carry your warm naked body
and lay you gently upon our bed
and cherishing all you embody
would ravish you from bottom to head

I would trace every curve of your torso
with breathless enthralled caress
lips upon tawny softness adored so
I would savor the taste of your flesh

I would shower you with kisses ardent
bathe you in ways only tongues could invent
leaving evanescent traceries of wetness
to evaporate steaming from fevered flesh

I would cup your breasts so tenderly
dwelling kisses upon each swelling mound
and with passion-igniting nibbles tease
the nipples with which they are crowned

I would watch as I asked you to show me
how you touch yourself when you're alone
and I would both fondle and entice you orally
as we discovered one another's unknowns

I would guide your hand to encircle
along my blood-engorged length
and encourage your lips upon me
that you might sense its pulsing strength

And if you chose then to swallow me
tasting rigid flesh, enmouthing me
would that you drink what would follow
and then stroke it to once more arouse me

In turn I would christen your body
your legs, butt, belly, and breasts
I would inhale the musk of your inner thighs
and your moisture my tongue caress

I would hold in each hand your buttocks
face immersed as you arched your back
and hot would my tongue explore you
your imminent release in my grasp

And I would listen intently
to each moan and uttered sigh
and timely I would enter you
to joined exultative cries

With bodies entwined in union
in pelvic thrusts conjoined
we would buck in orgasmic unison
til my fluids burst forth in your loins

And passion spent I would hold you
and whisper these words in your ear
"as long as these arms can enfold you
I'll love you forever, My Dear."

Friday, December 18, 2009

Big Tease

Can you kiss?
She had asked
How should I respond?
A simple reply?

Were I to reveal
Genuine emotions
My innermost thoughts
Would lay exposed

Fantasy's response then
An authentic answer
A touch of Leisha
A taste of Leisha

A lingual caress
Tracing a tactile path
Across a warm expanse
Of trembling flesh

A foray of fingers
Topographies forbidden

My answer perforce
Must be
Can I kiss?
Use your imagination

X Marks The Spot (mature*)

"Oh God," I think, "you feel so good"
In the heat of flesh that's wet
"Make it last, make it last," I pant
But too fast we are done

We lay in bed holding, touching
Feeling so close, bonded, as one
And I think "it should always be like this"
But such intimacy is ephemeral

I wish that we could remain
Lost in abandon, awash in emotion
And for forever forget the intellect
But reality always intrudes

I want to hold onto those moments
When blissful we snuggle
In complete mental and physical release
But they always slip away

All those cherished times
The instances I wish I could preserve
Are somewhere locked within my mind
If only I could remember where they lay

I want to save these treasures
So I harbor them in secret coves
Golden memories pirated from time
Small chests of jewels buried in fading memories

This love that I find priceless
Can't be hoarded and I mourn
That my recall is so poor, I know
Someday I'll need a dream map to return

Laptop Commuter (mature*)

You lay in bed next to me relaxed with breathing deep
Saying you are tired because last night we couldn't sleep
But I know what usually happens when we take a midday nap as two
We wind up rapt while undercover with my fingers wrapped in you

We lay beneath the covers and my hands begin to roam
Crossing well past first base and trying to get home
Tracing naked skin and hollows bare and luscious slender waist
My tongue longs to follow fingers but I like to make you wait

You say my hands are so hot as they send chills across your back
And you tense with anticipation as the thrill of tactile attack
You say the band of your panties is uncomfortably tight on you
So I tell you take them off, I'd rather have you nude

I start again to touch you with sensual, lingering caress
Circling first with wet fingertips on nipples and then onward to each breast
And palming, cupping, kneading, squeeze along your derriere
My gripping hands in wanton lust seem wont to tarry there

I like the way your breathing speeds, your metabolic rate excited
And moans keep pace with desire as consumed you burn ignited
The licks of flame creep along each crack and track a course of thighs
As flickers of heat steal cross your womb and moist warmth spreads inside

And now I stir your clitoris with your juice and my index
The strong scent of you redolent as we both inhale your sex
And passion mounts as I play your tune like bow on Stradivarius
Till in final scream's crescendo we learn where ecstacy can carry us

A Destiny Of Whispers

You are unique my love,
never since the beginning
of time has there been
one like you, Janene
history bears no
account of affairs
equal to the love
I feel for you

Not Antony and
Cleopatra, nor
Heloise and Abelard
Neither Romeo and
Juliet, nor Roxanne
and Cyrano
can approach
my love for you

Perhaps Lancelot
and Guinever
best encompass
what I feel for you
an undying
chivalrous love
pure of virtue
noble of intent

I come, my princess
a knight in armor
to rescue you
let me slay
your dragons
of uncertainty
let me spend my nights
enamored of you

I would trounce
all foes, vanquish
all opponents
battle to death
for your hand
my life fair
for your heart

Who knows
what time will bring?
Perhaps our destiny
is to remain forever
the best of friends
were that my fate
I would consider
myself blessed

But should fate
bring your heart to me
feelings developed
akin to mine
we would ensure
our place
in the annals of time
a love for the ages

Night our companion
we would journey to ecstacy
travelling as one
the heaven's starry raiment
our bodies orbiting
in covalent bond
by gravity coalesced
into a unified mass

Dawn would find us
ensconced in slumber
my kisses
to awaken you
and snuggled warm
in welcoming flesh
I would reiterate
my love for you

And we would
populate the planet
were we not
to take care
for my passion
would race with abandon
ravishing you
without govern

Together we would
thrive, nurturing
each other, savoring
each moment, cherishing
each hour, so precious
our time in union,
and gentle we would climb
into the sunset of our lives

And a thousand years on
when young lovers,
by the light of astral
moons, gaze into one anothers
eyes, they will kiss
and a whisper be spoke
"I love you, dear
like Ray did Janene"

An Augury Of Star's

What do signs
form the heavens portend?
When their presence
is made known to Man?

Are they symbolic
our love is fated?
Our lives
part of cosmic plan?

Two millenia ago
a star burst forth
God's presence on Earth

And three men wise
from points afar
did gather
to honor Christ's birth

That star poised brilliant
in Nova's repose
bore the promise
of love undying

And incandescent
beacons eternal
vow love a trillion
years yet shining

A pledge, in essence,
our Creator made
when He fashioned
the Heaven's above

"Believe in Me
and follow My Word
and infinite shall I
herald My Love"

Mine is not
to fathom why
God has merged
the path of our lives

My destiny but
to care for yoy
as Christ did
love his bride

You ask what I see
when I gaze in your eyes
I see love for a friend
beaming through

And as a star fell
from the Heaven's tonight
I fell more deeply
in love with you

By Love's Fire Consumed

of affection
through seasons
of drought
were created
to combustion

Like the touch
of a match
to fields
tinder dry
your love
has ignited
a fire
swift spreading

this flame rages
all in its path
the flight of mammals
an inferno
which holds hostage
my heart

Whipped by winds
of fantasy
this firestorm leaps
rapacious upon a
crest of crowns
the mightiest
of sentinels
pinioned candescent

Voracious hunger
this ravaging beast
all before it
finding fair prey
all entities

Fiery fangs
with asp raptor
acetylene talons
the flesh
of the forest

Phosphoric eyes
greedily covet
virgin topography
to despoil
an alien hydra
tentacles ablaze
she embraces
terrestrial Hades

By Night's
from horizons afar
great gouts
of flame
give birth
in hellish

From murky depths
this denizen
of darkness
to paint
the Heaven's in
carmine aurora

Borne in the gales
of ebony hours
the breath
of the beast
precedes it
in sulfuric

As the winds
the beast
finds sleep
in beds
of embers
the strength
of the creature wanes

Smoking ruins
and swirl of ashe
by barren
Dawn emerge
once proud
stand now
charred husks

Tendrils of smoke
from cinders arise
acres of
terrain once pristine
bounteous no more
laid waste
by conflagration

But lo,
dost vision
there yet remains
a solitary pine
a single tree
in boulder's lee

I stand alone
to greet the beast
convection's pathe
I cannot endure
a battle resumed
depleted by
Love's torrid touch

You are
a criminal
the arsonist
of hearts
you set
men's souls

Like a thief
by night
you steal
their heat
then run
as shadows
flee light


There are many facets
to the woman that I love
like a scintillating gemstone
until you have seen her
in every light
you cannot understand
nor appreciate
her true beauty

So lovely she will captivate
and hold your glance transfixed
in capricious crescent grin
and toss of auburn hair
in curve of tawny limb
skin as smooth as cream
in chocolate eyes allure
that sparkle with a hint of mischief

Her spirit is gentle
caring evident
in her healing touch
and compassionate ear
she wears an aura
of soothing calm
her smile
the halo of angels

Ever the sanguine
she acts upon a stage
and as the many characters
in her everchanging cast
speak their lines
she is bathed
in the spotlight
and shines

Sometimes the melancholy
wistful, forlorn
clinging to a lost love's hope
and broken dreams
unable to hide her sorrow
the ache so evident
in tears her debt is paid
she is inconsolable

Always the friend, loyal
and warm, happy to hear
my thoughts delightedly sharing
the small details of her day
such simple pleasure
I take at hearing her voice
in Pavlovian charade my heart
leaps in anticipation of her calls

We laugh as one
the things we say
impossible to confide
in any other
we share a bond
in body and breath
and between us
there are no boundaries

Agile and deft
like a comet
from Heaven descended
she blazes across the courts
scorching meteorites issuing forth
in parabola from her racquet
her fire incandescent
for all to behold

The gifted muse
in lessons she excels
conscience mother to
the inquisitive mind-child
that yearns to understand
dedication serves well
to nurture
her ever-questing curiosity

She would never hurt your feelings
but proximity you must beware
If you're one who often ventures close
she'll abscond with your heart
and in all her spoken pledges
of friendship, nothing more
you will search for hidden meanings
your fantasies to explore

As friend, as lover, father, brother
in many ways I see her
but in all my guises one constant is
in every role I love her
and I know that through the years
there will never be another
who holding hands against our fears
could comfort me as we do each other

There are so many facets
to this woman that I love
until you have admired her
close at hand
examined her in the light
of the many planes she inhabits
you will never recognize how
precious is this jewel of my heart

Gypsy Eyes

Soft she plays
her gaze upon me
I am captivated
beseeching, imploring
so many questions
she begs
so many answers
my heart yearns to provide

We share
a language mysterious
a foreign tongue
when we communicate thus
I realize she speaks
the dialects of love
she serenades me
with wondrous, gypsy eyes

No words are spoken
no thoughts unexpressed
we share the riddle
of fantasies
each of us
inferring intimations
our hearts to interpret

There is nothing
I cannot say
we cannot do
in silence
soliloquies complete
we are free
to decipher
a thousand
encrypted thoughts

When we touch
in this fashion
we are as one
I am inside her
she within me
finite barriers overcome
with but one nucleus

How long
can two entities
remain disparate
how many moments pass
before vision's
tender caress
shall cause
our souls to merge?

She transports me
to an alternate time
another place
a dimension where
vows once spoken
were never pledged
where bonds of time
lay broken and
I am given liberty
from the shackles of age

Gypsy eyes
take me away
carry me
on wings of love
I will follow you
all our earthly days
I will soar alongside you
when we seek Heaven's Gate

With limitless realms
and time eternal
to explore
let imagination
our desires ignite
and lead us
cross thresholds
of Passion's door

Gypsy eyes
I await
poised kinetic
at your abyss
to fall into your arms
to envelope you
within my heart
my dying wish
my mute entreaty
Love's epitaph

Thursday, December 3, 2009

All That Remains (mature*)

Like Autumn
strips leaves
from trees
exposing their limbs
I wish to discover
what lays beneath
the clothes
that cover you

I have witnessed
your body
supple muscles
glistening wet
bikini sheer
upon budding breast
and taut ass

I have
and held you
warm and moist
caressed the ripple
of your flesh
licked the salt
from your back

I have felt
the damp of your
hair in hot
waters swirling
have felt
your hand in mine
your touch upon my knee
my arousal stirring

My eyes
have beheld you
all mysteries revealed
all that remains
the revelation
of your most
private beauty

I have seen you thus
touched you
in fashions
oft fulfilled
only in fantasy
and dreams
and yet...
I hunger for more

I wish to assure you
and spare you fright
had I evil intent
I could not display
the strength of will
required to restrain
a secret agenda
of passion

But, my friend
I wish to explore
in all the ways
our imaginations
might allow
the intimacies
we could indulge
were we to discard

I would like
to prepare you
when next we bathe
disrobing you
by my hand alone
to feel the heat
of your skin
beneath the trace
of my fingers

My longing
shall find
only when
we dispense
with convention
baring both
body and soul
to the frank appraisal
of one another

I yearn
to stand before you
beyond the purview
of dreams
to become
by the nectar
of your nudity

I desire most
to hold you
pay time no heed
and with gentle
inquisitive fascination
shed you
of inhibitions

I shall know
true joy
if ever the day
should arrive
when natural
and unashamed
we are naked

I have bared
my soul to you
it is yours to
laugh, comply
or recoil, but
please realize
in all my prose
only, my love,
do I wish to be
close to you


Things have been different
Since the instant you left
That was when time changed for me
I discovered the moments
That make up a day
Are in your absence an eternity

Each second is painful
Without you
And minutes I can't even describe
The hours drag by
In this empty house
And I feel more dead than alive

Each day that passes
Is interminable
To keep busy I do contrive
But my hope
Is more tenuous weekly
And I don't know if I can survive

Oh please, could somebody tell me
What can I possibly do?
He was my dream
And he left me alone
Now I'm living
A nightmare come true


How many feathers
Does a dove have?
How many petals
On a rose?
How many stars
In the Heavens?
That's an answer
That only God knows

How many grains
Of sand are there
On all of the
Beaches so white?
That's how much
I've missed you, darling
Since the last time
You chose to write

I cherish each word
That you've written
I've kept every
Letter intact
Your feelings have
So deeply touched me
Much more than
Mere human contact

I hunger for
More of your dollops
Like a pup starved
That awaits under table
I race for every
Mail delivery
And avidly scan
Each bunch for a cable

I jump each time
That the phone rings
Hoping to hear
Something new
To talk about things
I long to chat
But the voice never
Belongs to you

Please hurry
Back to me, Honey
I'm so sorry
About our rift
Please forgive me
I am so lonely
Without you
I am bereft

A Woman Scorned

Dear ______,
See these tears?
They're your fault
But they're the last
I'll ever shed for you

You used to call
And now you don't
You used to care
And now you won't
You've changed

When I think of
All the promises
you've broken
I can't believe
How gullible I was

When I recall
All the things
You used to say
I feel foolish
I was so naive

You've become
a different person
I no longer recognize
The one with whom
I fell in love

I feel hurt, anger
And emptiness, and
Though right now I am
In pain, I know someday
I will smile again

When I consider
All that has happened
I'm glad it's over...
I deserve someone
Better than you

Centerfold (mature*)

Playboy and Penthouse perform a disservice
When nubile asses and young breasts they depict
Their fantastic photogenic models unnerve us
But the truth is the women they show don't exist

Magazine photo techs are masters of airbrush technique
Presenting the curvaceous, mouth-watering parts that you see
But unblemished skin shown when at bare bush you peek
May be just courtesy of computer-enhanced imagery

Too many relationships these imaginary startlets corrupt
Much to the girlfriend's and wive's simple dismay
A sizable majority of find it extremely tough
To compete with an un-pimpled Miss May

The alluring tableaus displayed in glossy layouts
Are the result of numerous photographic sessions
Without the coaching of consultants you may doubt
An amateur could pose with such sensual expression

The photographer takes hundreds of "girly pictures"
With optimal lighting and new equipment it's a snap
His efforts won't meet editorial censure
So you'll never see the girl's hands covering her lap

He'll instruct her to open her legs or show cleavage
And conform her body to highly erotic positions
The model would balk as such an indelible image
If she hadn't shed embarassment with inhibition

The enticement of money must make proposals look good
A possible new lifestyle that might be tantalizing
For how else could she condone what no "good girl" should
Without endless, agonized rationalizing?

Does she really want millions of teenaged men to see
Her totally nude body thus flexed?
Doesn't she know she's pandering to prurient fantasy
And men's masturbatory need for sex?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Last Rites

Since you've been gone my life has been a wreck
I decided to spend one last day with you, in my mind
To clean up the mess you've left behind

When you left, I thought my life had come to an end
Everything that I believed in fell apart
And I felt that there was no purpose in living

But with the passage of time I realize that life goes on
I have the rest of my life to be happy
Rather than mourning the loss of you

So this morning I called and cancelled your subscription
I threw away the stack of mail that you'll never retrieve
And I made the kitchen table smaller again

I went through the shelves and got rid of your Wheaties
I discarded the eggs and sausage; they'll kill you someday
There's no longer three cans of Bud Lite in the fridge

I went through the closets and packed a few boxes
And visited the Salvation Army
Now every time I see a well-dressed bum I'll think of you

I donated your tools to Jack the handyman
And your bike to Sarah for the garage sale
But your bowling trophies went in the trash

Remember that family photo over the mantle?
I kept the frame; I cut myself picking up shards
But the glass only cost ten dollars to replace

And remember that bundle of love letters you sent
The ones tied with the pink bow? They're all ashes now;
I can't believe I actually had fun burning them

It's too late for apologies, we can never go back
Reconciliation is an impossibity
What you did I cannot forget

You still have a key, but don't expect to find
Any trace of yourself in this home
It's as if you never existed; I live alone


I wanted to send you a card... um
That shows how I feel about you
But considering I'm no poet of stardom
I had to look for words that were true
And then I couldn't... uh... beg your pardon
Find one that revealed my feelings anew
So I'm sending you my pericardium
And a heart that beats only for you


As a youth I wandered aimless
With a lack of direction in my life
But callow and naive I was blameless
Like a student just learning to drive

I had no map of my future
I hadn't charted my course as of yet
I was unaware of the route there
For at that point we hadn't met

I could climb in behind the wheel
But I didn't know which way to steer
And Triple A couldn't reveal
If I should roam to points distant or near

I knew how to signal my intentions
I learned how to step on the gas
But with so much traffic on Life's highway
I didn't know which cars to pass

There were so many worthwhile features
On each of the models I'd see
A student with too many teachers
All these subjects confusing to me

For awhile I lived in the fast lane
Till I finally decelerated
I left behind the field I was playing
For I had found the game overrated

For years now I've driven within borders
Till all that was left was no rights
And I fell completely cornered
Till the turn that was "U" came in sight

Some seek advice where to travel
Exotic decisions oft complex
But that mystery at last has unraveled
For me Midland, Texas comes next

Blue Ribbon

He used to call her "my prize"
Among other names not quite dear
And in time she came to despise
That nickname she'd constantly hear

He used to be overly concerned
With her exterior appearance
He eroded her self-esteem, with
His incessant demanding insistence

Like the way that she wore her hair
And even her public demeanor
Not that he really cared
For he truly did not see her

The amount of pounds that she carried
Had increased from the day they first met
She weighed far more now they were married
A fact he would not let her forget

He criticized how she talked
And even her table manners
He scrutinized the way she walked
With disconcerting candor

He didn't fully appreciate
Her mind or her sense of humor
Those facets he couldn't see
Were to him like whispered rumors

She was actually quite attractive
But how much is ever enough
For a meticulous mind overactive
With constant comparisons so rough?

She was beautiful like a bounteous season
But his eyes couldn't see that deeply
And if you can't judge character with reason
Then how can you possibly reap it?

He couldn't see past the surface
Nor catch a glimpse of what was inside
And one day when she gathered her courage
What she felt she could no longer deny

He had totally ruined her self-worth
With his "love" that was actually lies
She was living in hell on earth
And she left him, was that any surprise?

Indian Giver (mature*)

You gave me pleasure... in the radiance of your smile
You gave me beauty... in a gaze of luminous eyes
You gave me pride... in your poise and charisma
You gave me confidence... in the company of a gorgeous woman
You gave me joy

You gave me laugher... in your humor and your manners
You gave me youth... as like children we did play
You gave me smiles... in the promise of a future
You gave me security... in letting me feel needed
You gave me peace

You gave me yearning... to hold you close and snuggle
You gave me desire... to caress your naked form
You gave me passion... when we touched so deep
You gave me courage... that I could love again
You gave me hope

You gave me heartbreak... when you slept with another man
You gave me despair... when you kept on
You gave me torment... despite knowing that I knew
You gave me anguish... that you moan his name now
You gave me nothing

All the best of the things that you gave to me...

You fucking took away

A Rose My Love

Like a rose you were, so fragile in beauty
So delicate in structure, so perfect in bloom
Was it the sapphire eyes, so sparkling blue
A smile radiant, that lit up a room
Or skin unblemished, gracing tawny limb
Your innocent poise, both proper and prim
That made me fall in love with you?

Was it a spirit capricious, delighting in teasing
Tantalizing, enticing - allure so pleasing
Or stunning glamour - art on canvas - your face
Two lips like tulips red held by crystal vase
Or tresses auburn, coils sable serpentine
Sunlight scintillant, in ringlets glistening
That made me fall in love with you?

Was it hidden curves - warm, pink spaces
Soft smooth swells my fingers longed to trace
Or inquisitive lips - tongue's probing fashion
Your kiss enflamed with Desire's grand passion
Or arms tight embrace in tender entanglement
Ardent limbs entwined, deep caresses spent
That made me fall in love with you?

Your memory will haunt me - days, years to come
For questions like these, answers there are none
But gentle in my mind, like a breeze wafts an arbor
Thoughts of you will oft visit, sailing Heart's harbor
So alone in vain yearning no escape from this cell
The key is yours, till your return, here shall I dwell
Like a flower fragrant Love's blossom arose
And your scent I'll inhale in the beauty of each rose
For as sure as the sun rises, as long as the sky is blue
While roses yet have petals, I'll be in love with you


I used to think my heartbeat was stable
Till the wave that I got from U
Now my autonomic system is unable
To control the race of my pulse around you

At first I was apprehensive
That my blood pressure would climb to the ceiling
But I'm not even hypertensive
And I enjoy the sensations I'm feeling

What used to be regular is erratic
An output Frank-Starling enlarged
Like a defibrillatory static
You stimulate my heart with a charge

You are my ectopic focus
You've bypassed my Bundle of Hiss
As long as you're my heart's locus
I'll never need ACLS

You are my rhythm tachycardic
Epinephrine I certainly don't need
Muscarinic signals retarded
Your impulses keep my heart up to speed

You are my sympathomimetic
My course is determined by you
My lifestyle is somewhat frenetic
But I'll never calm down due to you

I'll never need drug stimulation
I'd be unresponsive it's true
Your love makes me feel elation
For my only true heart throb is you


I have an amour
Who will call me
Late after the hours of light
And the things that she says
Can arouse me, and
Keep me up half of the night

She whispers in prose
That is scarlet
Describing her form
Without clothes
She is my telephone harlot
Reclining in Fantasy's pose

I'm certain she could
Make quite a living
As a 900 entrepreneur
For her voice is
So soft and enticing
That she fills my mind with allure

She coos of how she'd excite me
With licks and
Kisses in detail
Her words are mine
And for me alone
Special delivery for her male

And when we are nearing
Our climax in time
Our conversation coming to an end
When change has run out
And she runs out of dimes
Simultaneously, we both are spent

Pas De Deux (mature*)

Hold me close then back away
It's my turn now to follow
When I draw near she disappears
No intimacy allowed

I chase her half across the room
To hold her close in arms
But each time I approach she'll
Change directions as if alarmed

With fancy footwork fleeing
She seems as if to mock me
Retreating then advancing
First evasive then she stalks me

For an instant we touch shoulders
But then she whirls away
And by contact now emboldened
I step forth once more to stay

She lets me grab her hand then pulls
Like as to back away
But I hold on like lovestarved fool
As if begging her "don't stray"

We never will meet, will we
Somewhere close but in between?
Either here or there we'll always be
Forever at extremes

Then finally it upon me dawns
She's playing games with me
And I am nothing but her pawn
In a dance that's romance free

And if you ponder as I leave the ball
Why I didn't try to fuck her?
It's really no wonder after all
She was just my dance instructor


Married both
To others
Never to be
Except in hearts
And minds
And souls
Within our reveries

We cannot kiss
Nor hug
Or touch
No impropriety
But dreams
Are free
So we escape
Into our fantasies

Unless things
Change, lives
We'll never
Share our love
But till that day
We will remain
Our spirits like
Hand in glove


He hadn't touched her in years
He no longer desired her body
To him sex was something too dear
If for her love was not also embodied

Their relationship to him had seemed dead
And he was left with the empty feeling
For companionship there's something to be said
But it was passion that he found appealing

He had recently located another
For whom he felt powerful attraction
A promising Cybernet lover
With the potential of touching interaction

He needed to stop being craven
And just come out with the truth
He had recently been misbehaving
To keep silent would be mental abuse

His Net lady let him relive romance
And it appeared that she was his type
Since he yearned for a second chance
The time for an admission was ripe

"The best thing for me is to leave
I need a separation to think things through
And in spite of what you believe
There is nothing you can say now or do"

"I don't understand why," she said
biting her lip in ill-tempered frustration
As she wrestled to find comfort in bed
In a room of suddenly-chilled alienation

They lay stiffly facing each other
Divided only by thin flimsy sheets
But the gulf that he had uncovered
Was too far for them ever to meet

"You're afraid of intimacy," she cried
With strident accusation so heated
But he responded "I've felt empty inside,
And my needs were not being heeded"

People often feel love in dissimilar fashions
Some like quality time, while others like gifts
Some like caring, affection, compassion
And such differences at times can cause rifts

There is a moral to this unhappy tale
You might think that you're being loving
But such efforts will ultimately fail
If your loved one can't too feel that loving

When you are raised by parents above you
In a fashion that your wife doesn't share
The absence of hearing "I love you"
Can be interpreted as "I don't care"

He was a man for whom love was verbal
And her tacit affection was not enough
She tried everything but remedies herbal
But her speech deficit was apparently too tough

He had told her so many times before
"I don't feel loved unless I hear it"
And when he finally gave up, closing doors
She lost love because she ultimately feared it

Finishing Touch (mature*)

Run your
Hands over
My dress

Crush me
In your

Hold me
Close and

Kiss me
All over
My face

Run your fingers
My tresses

Lick that

My ass and
My breasts

Touch me
And make
My heart race

Nibble my
Nape with
Your lips

Trail your
Tongue down
My spine

Cause me
To inhale
In a hiss

Drink from
My hollows
My wine

Tease my
Nipples with
tiny nips

Draw me
In lustful

Caress me
And make me
Feel bliss

Touch me till
"Oh, God"
I'm crying

Ahh... touch
Me again while
You hold me

Your finger
Just so

Touch me
Again as you
Free me

Rub me
Lightly until
I let go

Take me
Excite me

Ignite me
To burn

And fan
My desire
To know

Touch me
Control me

Steal my
Soul so

Keep my
Heart as my
Fire grows

Rock me and
Soothe me

And ...
Shock me and
Move me

Fuck me and
Love me

Touching me
Soften the blow